Top 15 Logistics Companies in India [2024]


A logistics firm is basic for ensuring that your orders arrive on time and that your clients are fulfilled with your brand. So, how do you select one of the best logistics companies in India to handle all of your logistics requests? A reliable logistics firm is the establishment of a direct-to-consumer brand.

However, selecting the best logistics Companies in India is time-consuming and labour-intensive. In any case, once you’ve found the best logistics accomplice, you can be sure that your order fulfilment is in competent hands.

In this blog post, we will see the Top 15 Logistics Companies in India to offer assistance when you select the finest one. Let’s get started!

Top 15 Logistics Companies in India


Based on the variables, we compiled a list of the finest logistics Companies in India.

1.ABC Logistics

ABC Logistics

ABC Logistics is India’s Leading Integrated Industrial Logistics Company. It is led by  (Founder) Wg. Cdr. Jaspal Singh In 1999. Mr. Singh had a distinguished career in the Indian Air Force and brings with him the solid traits of integrity & discipline synonymous with our Armed Forces. Across our team, such attributes are deeply ingrained.

It started its journey as a road transport enterprise that has reached the dizzying heights of success. Today ABC LOGISTICS- is one of the leading transport organisations in India.

With our extensive network and dedicated resources, we are well-equipped to cater to your FTL ( Full Truck Load ) needs and deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions for your cargo requirements nationwide

One of the main reasons for ABC, being the preferable choice for most of its reputed clients, is the fact that it is one of the few logistics service providers which has the versatility to ensure greater customer fulfilment.


ABC Logistics Delivers with 24+ years of experience


On Time Delivery – ABC Logistics provides On-time delivery helps build better customer retention for brands.

Safety & Compliance –  It prioritises safety and compliance in every step of our transport operations.


About ABC Logistics


Offer Highest Quality At Most Efficient Price.

Commitment Like Never Experienced Before.

Old World Values, New World Technologies.

Customer Satisfaction Only Satisfies Us.

Work For Customer Growth, So That We May Also Grow With Them.


2. Blue Dart Express Limited


It is an one of the best logistics companies in Mumbai, India. Mr Tushar Jani set up the company in 1983. It covers over 35,000+ pin codes in India and more than 200+ nations around the world. They offer a number of payment methods that bundle services. These services involve cash-on-delivery, automated proof-of-delivery during fulfilment, weather-resistant order packaging, expedited delivery, and time-based/slot-based shipment.


3. TVS Supply Chain Solutions Ltd.


TVS Supply Chain Solutions is a parcel of the TVS Group, an universal provider of end-to-end supply chain services to a combination of businesses. It assists its clients in transforming their logistics supply chain by expanding perceivability, efficiency, and bringing down working costs.


4. VRL Logistics Ltd.


VRL Logistics is an one of  Indian transport and logistics companies. Established in 1976, the company has developed to become a dependable accomplice for various national and worldwide businesses. It services enterprises in an assortment of businesses, inclusive of automobiles, medicines, electronics, consumer products, engineering products, vitality, agriculture, and others. The company offers reasonable transportation services as well as devoted client service and support.


5.Gati Limited


Gati, founded in 1989, is well-known for simplifying the seamless and personalised flow of goods from origin to destination. It offers comprehensive logistics services for both individuals and organisations. This change covers all steps, including transportation and dealing with, procurement, distribution and even worldwide logistics and manufacture.

Its expert logistical services expand their reach to over 99% of districts in India. Particularly, they boast the most advanced multi-modal connectivity system, which includes surface, air, and rail transportation.


6.Aegis Logistics Limited


Aegis Logistics is an Indian coordinations firm that practises in supply chain services for the gas, oil, and chemical businesses. It was established in 1956. The company specialises in transporting LPG and gives broad coordinations and terminal services to the oil, gas, and chemical businesses. With offices for capacity in major cities like Mumbai, Haldia, Pipavav, Kochi, Kandla, and Mangalore, Aegis Logistics guarantees the proficient flow of basic supplies around the nation.


7. Ecom Express


Ecom Express is a driving transportation firm in India that practices in supporting the e-commerce segment. T.A. Krishnan, Manju Dhawan, K. Satyanarayana, and the late Sanjeev Saxena propelled the firm in 2012. Its Base camp is in Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

It Express is a popular coordinations firm in Delhi that specialises in productive capacity and shipment services around the region. It offers delivery services to e-commerce businesses in industries such as clothes, electronics, medicines, and finance. Ecom Express provides last-mile delivery, reverse logistics services, COD collection, brand fulfilment, and storage.


8.Allcargo Logistics Ltd.


In 1993, It was initiated and Its head office is in Mumbai. It is one of India’s biggest coordination associations. This logistics industry leader is an Avvashya Group affiliate. Allcargo gives a variety of multimodal transportation options, including less than cargo load, non-vessel operating common carrier, and full cargo load. Allcargo also provides container freight ports in India, third-party transportation, inland container depots, ship ownership, storage, and chartering. The company employs approximately 300 workers across 160 countries.




Set up in 1990 and based in Bangalore, DTDC is a household name in dispatch services. What started as a home-grown courier commerce has evolved into a famous coordinations association. The company is well-known for its express delivery services, which cover over 17,500 pin codes.


10. Apollo LogiSolutions


Apollo LogiSolutions, an auxiliary of Apollo International, was made in 2009 It provides comprehensive logistics solutions. The organisation provides comprehensive logistical services to a wide range of sectors via a sophisticated global network. Apollo LogiSolutions provides dry ports, shipping services, customs brokerage, storage, and third-party logistics, making them a trusted partner in EXIM cargo transfer.


11. StockArea


Stockarea is a driving coordinations firm in India that gives an assortment of services to help businesses store, manage, share, and expedite their things. They offer comprehensive arrangements for enterprises of all sizes, extending from little firms to worldwide enterprises. StockArea’s wide organisation of facilities over India permits them to give a number of bespoke services tailored to each customer’s particular needs.


12. Shadowfax


Abhishek Bansal, Vaibhav Khandelwal, and Mayank Mandhanya co-founded Shadowfax in 2015. It provides last-mile transportation services for companies via a network of suppliers.

Shadowfax offers localised shipment, reverse logistics, automated dispatching and online completion of orders. Shadowfax is now focused solely on short-haul shipping services in India. The company did not develop expertise in other transportation fields such as 3PL the storage facility, freight transportation and so on.


13. Mahindra Logistics Ltd.


In 2000, It was established and its head office is in Mumbai. The organisation provides logistics services to both internal and external clients. Mahindra Logistics offers inbound and outbound transportation, inter-plant movement, storage, and linefeed. It also offers People Transport Solutions, a line of business that offers organisations with customised services for employee transportation from home to work and back. It is one of India’s leading logistics companies. Mahindra People Transport Solutions, a division of the corporation, ensures timely pickups and drops while focusing on comfort, safety, and security.


14. FM logistics


FM Logistics India is a subsidiary of FM Logistics, which is situated in France. It is one of India’s leading logistics Companies, with over 85+ stores spread over 30+ locations. It provides storage and distribution solutions to the eCommerce, FMCG, automotive, consumer goods, telecom, engineering, pharmaceutical and other sectors.


15.Container Corporation of India


Container Corporation of India (CONCOR) was founded in 1988 and Located in New Delhi (India). It specialises in cargo transportation and handling (by rail and road). In addition, the corporation manages logistics infrastructure such as dry ports, cargo freight stations, and private freight terminals. CONCOR handles both local and global logistics needs, focusing on handling, transportation and storage services.


Factors to Consider When Choosing One of the best Logistics Companies in India.


Shipping Cost 

Greater Pin Code Coverage

Order Tracking Facility

Delivery Speed

RTO Percentage

Efficient Returns Management

Secured Delivery

Track Record



Recently, logistics companies in India have grown at an exponential rate. They plan to make a substantial contribution to the overall logistics company. 3PLs have also become an important aspect of Indian eCommerce. Online retailers can entrust their logistics and order delivery operations to third-party providers. In addition, D2C businesses can rely on 3PLs such as ABC Logistics for inventory storage and administration.



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